Weddings & Specialty Events

Evening event:

  • Maximum of 150 invitees for any after-hours event
  •  All wine served must be Whistling Duck. Other alcoholic beverages (other than wine) are allowed.
  • Whistling Duck wine discounted at 15%.
  • Security officer required.
  • Event may end no later than 10pm.
  • Only approved caterers are allowed.
  • $350 per hour venue fee, plus additional fees for hired security officer, tent rental, additional table/chair rental, and winery staff during event.

Schedule of additional fees:

  • Security officer $40/hour
  • Tables: $8 per table
  • Chairs: $1 per chair
  • Tablecloths: $1 each
  • WDW Canopy rental: $35/hour per 10’x10′ canopy
  • Large Tent rental: Lessor makes arrangements with tent rental vendor
  • Winery staff (after-hours): $20 per person per hour:
  • 1 – 50 invitees: 2 staff members required
  • 51 – 75 invitees: 3 staff members required
  • 76 – 150 invitees: 4 staff members required

Morning Event:

  • Maximum of 40 invitees for any morning event
  • 10am to 12pm only
  • No earlier than 9am to decorate.
  • Tasting Room and kitchen prep area are off-limits for event. All other areas may be accessed during event.
  • All wine served must be Whistling Duck. Other alcoholic beverages (other than wine) are allowed, but must be removed from the premises prior to winery opening at 12pm.
  • $100 per hour venue fee.

Events during winery hours are only allowed on Fridays or Sundays:

  • Maximum of 40 invitees for any event held during winery hours on Friday or Sunday
  • More than 15 invitees requires rental of 2 porches (not just one porch/room)
  • $75 per hour per porch/duck blind/10’x10′ canopy
  • Lessor will pay additional fees for rental of additional tables and chairs (for canopy)
  • Lessor will NOT have access to kitchen prep area during event.
  • No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed.